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    This is where you'll find out about our issues past, present issue and future issues. Included is a list of all of the topics we've covered in both articles and features. Please take a look around and remember, all magazine downloads are now FREE! The reason we can do this now is because of advertisers who've found value in reaching Apes fans. Please visit and buy from our advertisers and make sure you tell them that you found them in the pages of Ape Planet Magazine.

Ape Planet Magazine Issue 01. Our innaugural issue dealt with Conquest, A Look at the Desk of Otto Hasslein through History, Mego toys, Aaru No Gundan and a lot more. If you've not downloaded it, get it now! IT'S FREE!

Ape Planet Magazine Issue 02. Our Second issue not only gave you information on the entire TV series, but links to watch it! There's a ton more in this issue you so get it now!

Ape Planet Magazine Issue 03. Our third issue will be a whopper. Stay tuned as it comes to fruition in early 2017.
An Honorable Ape: Bobo #01
Bubbles #02
Conquest of the Planet of the Apes #01
Facebook Apes #01
From the Desk of Otto Hasslein #01
International Planet of the Apes Day #02
O Trapalhao no Planalto do Macacos #02
PotA Action Figure Checklist #01
PotA Theme Parks #02
PotA: TV Series #02
Saru No Gundan #01
Top Five Online PotA Resources #02
War for Pota Update #02
When the Planet Belonged to Mego #01

DVD Reviews
Behind the Planet of the Apes #01
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes #02

Book Reviews
Beneath the Pota (Novelization) #02
Planet of the Apes#01

Do It Yourself
Prosthetics & Makeup #01
Wigs & Hair #02

Cosplayer of the Issue
Steve "Zaius" Kimball #01

Stars of the Apes
Roddy MacDowell #02

Great Ape Conservancy
Center for Great Apes #02
Great Apes Survival Partnership #01