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    I pretty much handle everything from sales to photograph to layout but primarily, I'm the publisher at where we produce several online magazines and we sincerely hope you enjoy our latest, Ape Planet Magazine.
    But that's not why you're on this page, you wan to know about me and my devotion to all things Planet of the Apes As a small child of the 1960s and growing up in the 1970s, Planet of the Apes was only the second science fiction series that I enjoyed, the other being Star Trek.
    My older brother was old enough to go to the movies and tell me the stories and by the late 1970s, my little brother and I were acting out scenes and playing with our Mego Planet of the Apes Treehouse and figures. When the movies started to appear on television, I recorded the audio of each one on cassette tapes so I could enjoy the movies over and over. I did the same with the Return to the Planet of the Apes cartoon series and the live action Planet of the Apes TV Series.
    Hallowe'ens came and went, dressed in various Ben Cooper ape costumes, and my respect for the ape movies grew as I matured. In my early adulthood, I collected the movies on VHS, including the TV series' found here and there. I read the original Pierre Boulle "Monkey Planet" novel and the novelizations of all the movies. I picked up any of the sci-fi magazines like Starlog and Famous Monsters of Filmland that had insights to the movies and around the same time I'd started CosPlaying, but in the late 1980s, it was just called "dressing up."
    My love for Planet of the Apes continues as I met the biggest challenge of my artistic makeup hobby. In 2013 I decided to be Dr. Zaius, my favorite character from the movies and TV series' and joined just about every PotA FaceBook Group I could find. For my continued efforts in getting the character just right, I won the Best Male Villain award at the 2014 Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con.
    Since then and launching Cos&FX Magazine, I've had many friends, both old and new, asking me to create the similar magazine magic that I have with other publications such as The Pyrates Way and Faire Magazine. So here you go. . . welcome to my latest brain child. . . . Ape Planet Magazine.