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    Welcome to our re-designed website! Our friends over at Kimball Publications have done an amazing job in building the site with pages that include all the iformation you'd want to know about the magazine and links to all of the Planet of the Apes pages found on the 'net. Also included are links to Great Ape Conservation sites as well as to our own focus on Doctor Zaius.
    Want to check in on the original series? We've got your back fellow ape. We also take care of those who like the Tim Burton 2001 version as well as the newer series of ape movies.
    Our magazine is not based on one franchise against another but seek to embrace all things Planet of the Apes. Within our pages and on our site, you'll find all sorts of adventures into the realm of science fiction that is based on Pierre Bouille original novel, La planete des singes.
    We might embrace the original five movies but we're not closed-minded enough to help you discover the TV series, the animated series, and the newest versions. In the future of Ape Planet Magazine, you'll be able to follow the films' series like never before.
    Yep, this is your place for all things Planet of the Apes. Between our magaine and the multitude of links both within this site and direct links from each issue, you'll know all there is to know about this incredible Science Fiction franchise that stared with a French author who thought La planete des singes was one of his lesser works.
    If you're an enthusastic provider of Planet of the Apes (PotA) memorabilia, this is your spot to target those who want your products. . . they want (like we do) EVERYTHING to do with Planet of the Apes, whether it's from the 1970s or the 2010s. Find out how to reach this audience via our Advertising page which will support our magazine. The more ads means the more times your image is in front of your Ape audience. PLUS, now that the magazine is FREE for all to download, your image and web link will be viewed and clicked on by thousands of potential customers!